Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse (2019)
live performance

thorn baton (2019)
ink jet on cotton rag
120 x 200 cm
Trojan Horse manifested from three non-related historical accounts: the Trojan War, the evolution of the equestrian technique ‘side saddle’, and the contemporary gymnastic object, the pommel horse. The methodological fulcrum of this body of work pivots around a two-hour performance which plays on the statuesque image of a feminine figure straddling a horse; a monument which is rarely witnessed in modern-day society.

Throughout the performance, the girth of the steel horse is wedged between my legs as I hold the reins. My gaze is fixated forward; towards the future. Tying a knot in the rope, I begin to lasso around my head, as my crotch and hips thrust the horse. The horse remains static while my whole body physically rides it. I try to move forward, but I’m stuck in place.

Trojan Horse was presented as a solo show in Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw. This body of work consisted of hand constructed horse whips, a hybrid  pommel horse, a wall mural, a live performance and essay.