Collection of whips
Left to right:
Back row: cat o’ nine tails, double tv antenna baton, thorn baton
Front row: hand cuffs, bull whip
These collection of horse whips were realised and exhibited as part of the solo exhibition Trojan Horse at Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw. 

With explicit links to BDSM and DIY methodologies of constructivism, these whips are made from household paraphernalia; plumbing fittings, old leather jackets, tv antennas, axe handles and so on. Inspired by a small German anarchist collective who facilitates workshops on assembling DIY sex toys from household appliances, the banality of such mechanisms of construction make the whips a desirable and accessible tool of pain, pleasure and play for the majority while simultaneously catering to the minority.

By queering the horse whip, we expose the shift in the allegedly stable—and stabilising—border between human and animal relations; transgressing the blind spots produced by the social ontologies of animals, human desire, and their paradoxes.

thorn baton
broom handle, thorn branch

bull whip
steel nail, old leather belt

double tv antenna baton
axe handle, two TV antennas

cat o’ nine tails
oak branch from Janów Podlaski Stud Farm, old leather coat, iron nails