Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s announces a five-week programme of online events

Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s
15 April - 15 May 2021

Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s is a five-week programme of online discussions, conversations and performances which examine the intersections of politics and performance in Europe in the 1990s as well as their legacies today. Aftereffects and Untold Histories is commissioned by the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

Intergenerational legacies
Thursday, 13 March 2021

The final week of the programme, Intergenerational legacies, will reflect on the legacies of Irish performance art in the 1990s for subsequent generations of practitioners. Curator and writer Sara Muthi will lead a roundtable discussion featuring artists Isadora Epstein, Brian Hand, and Léann Herlihy.

You can reserve a place at the event here.

Ten artists awarded studios at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

05 November 2020

Léann Herlihy is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Project Studio in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin. 

They will be starting a year long Project Studio residency in April 2021 alongside Eleanor McCaughey, Rajinder Singh, Suzanne Walsh, whilst Three Year Membership Studios have been awarded to David Beattie, Jenny Brady, Forerunner (Tanad Aaron and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch), Mairead O’hEocha, Tamsin Snow. 

Steakhouse Live Artist in Residence for Slow Sunday

20 January 2020

Selected as the artist in residence for Steakhouse Live’s durational performance event Slow Sunday, Léann Herlihy will be completeling a residency in ]performance s p a c e [ in Janaury 2020 where they will prepare their new body of work STUNTMAN.

For one day only, Steakhouse Live will take over Toynbee Studios, Arts Admin  from 1-9pm with Slow Sunday. This is a bold programme of live performances ranging in duration from ten minutes to six hours.

Assembly announce their selected artists for Assembly #2 

July 2019

Léann Herlihy is excited to announce that they are one of the selected artists to take part in Assembly #2. Based in a small village in the south of France, this residency brings together a group of early-mid career performance artists from Spain, Ireland, Singapore and the UK, who will live and work together over a ten-day long period. The workshop aims to cultivate a forum-like environment in which the participating artists can exchange artistic practices, teaching methodologies, cultural practices and their experiences of performance art.

The group will collectively self-direct the workshop, scheduling different activities and exercises throughout the workshop based on their individual and collective interests. Each artist will have the opportunity to both lead and be lead at different points throughout the workshop.

Assembly emphasises process-based, rather than goal-orientated, teaching and learning methods and aims to provide participating artists with the opportunity to collaboratively self-direct the workshop in a way that suits the group's collective and individual needs, without a leader or a dominant, driving agenda.

Other participating artists include Alicia Radage and Jasper Llewellyn (co-founders), Ro Haradker, Nicholas Tee, Jade Blackstock and Nika López.

BIFPA 2021 announce this years programme of performance artists who will engage in a socially distanced public event

19 February 2021

Léann Herlihy has been commissioned to make a new video performance for the Belfast International Festival of Performance Art 2021 (BIFPA 2021). BIFPA 2021 will consist of outdoor public performances, video performances and online  screenings as well as a programme of artist talks and lectures. Herlihy’s  new performance video Target Practice (2021) will be closing the festival and will be screened both online and on site. BIFPA 2021 runs from March 22nd - 26th.

MART Gallery announces 2021 Residency programme

11 December 2020

Léann Herlihy is pleased to announce that they have been selected as one of  the artist-in-residence for MART Gallery’s upcoming 2021 programme. 

Throughout 2021 MART Gallery will support artists through a gallery residency providing a place to develop new work. Other selected artists include Karolina Adamczak, Tobi Bello, Niamh O'Beirne, Michelle Browne, Robyn Byrne, Tara Carroll, Laura O'Connor, Child Naming Ceremony, Wren Dennehy, Kevin Gaynor, Luke van Gelderen, Amanda Hunt, Laura Kelly, Bernie Masterson, Elaine Mcginn, Aaron Monaghan, and EL Putnam. 

Thorn Suck to be screened at ]performance s p a c e [ 

28 August 2020

Thorn Suck (2019) was selected as one of the twelve performance-to-camera artworks to be screened at ]ps[ Screens in ]performance s p a c e [ for their monthly event Last Fridays Lockdown. 

Other artists include: Yejin Lee, Hollie Miller, Sandra Stanionyte, Antonio Branco & Riccardo T, Monstera Deliciosa, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Nicholas Tee, Alicia Radage, Ernst Fischer, Local Foreigner, Alastair MacLennan.

Live Art Development Agency’s featured artist of the month

February 2020

Léann Herlihy is delighted to announe that they are LADA’s featured artist of the month. In the February issue, Léann will attempt to bring resolution to their most recent body of work, VROOM (2019) and STUNTMAN (2020) in an accompanying auto-ethnographic account on events leading up this oeuvre.

VROOM to be screened at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

15 October 2019

Léann Herlihy is delighted to announce that their video performance VROOM (2019) will be shown at Zachęta during their screening Foreign Bodies.
Foreign Bodies brings together nine artists based across Europe and the US who explore themes of nation state normalization and the body as site of spirited resistance.

VROOM will be featureed alongside the work of Monika Czyżyk (FI), Yoshinori Niwa (JP/AT), Julie Perini (US), Weronika Wysocka (PL), Lou Watson (US), Alek Sarna (PL/DE), Olga Dziubak (PL) and Daniel Kotowski (PL),

Foreign Bodies is curated by Katie Zazenski (Stroboskop Art Space) and Brittney Connelly (Carnation Contemporary)

Assembly #2 featured in Frieze article How Do You Teach Performance Art? by Jasper Llewellyn

16 Semptember 2019

Jasper Llewellyn, co-founder of Assembly, writes of Assembly #2 as a workshop which responds to hierarchies in arts education in his article How Do You Teach Performance Art?