Tengu was performed at the opening of Pallas Projects’ annual exhibition Periodical Review #9.

Derived as a direct response to the gifted black leather garment’s title, ‘Tengu’, this live performance is based off the legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion which has the supernatural ability to shape shift from human to animal form.

Skinned from hoof to hoof, my animal-like body is drowned in a thin layer of a Japanese cowhide. Over the space of one hour, my limbs slowly raise from a crouched position to all fours and finally onto two hind legs.  With minute muscular movements, this dormant cowhide slowly slides over bare skin as it reveals two skins to the audience: cow and human. Transforming, shifting and holding space, the gaze of the audience is finally met by the uncloaked glare of a wild animal.

Duration: 1 hour
Collection: the Graeve Collection
Garment: Japanese cowhide leather cloak made by Róisín Gartland
Photographs courtesy of Victoria K. Photography