video performance

VROOM (2019)
video performance [3' 24'']

On a barren and infertile plot of land, I sit in a van, press down the clutch, ignite the engine and throttle the accelerator. Taking two large rocks, I replace the pressure enforced by my feet with solid rubble. Stepping out of the van, the ghost engine roars while my fleshy body emulates the reverberations.

At the beginning of the VROOM, my gender is shielded by the glare of the windscreen. The viewer witnesses a masculine entity throttle the accelerator and aggressively rev a static car. The moment I step out of the van, I reveal my bare breasts—the most feminine visual trait on a woman’s body. My fleshy feminine figure emulates a ‘sex drive’ which transgresses past the heteronormative expectation of a woman in society, while the masculine ghost spectre remains in the car. At this moment, my body becomes a location of contestation in this infertile landscape, as I deliberately resist the essentialist connotation of women as nature.

is a video performance which was realised during Assembly #2, a two-week residency in the South of France in July 2019. VROOM was screened at Live Art Development Agency, London in September 2019 and subsequently at Zachęta, Warsaw in October 2019.