a wolf in sheep’s clothing


a wolf in sheep’s clothing (2015)
performance [90 minutes]
sheep skin, jute rope and honey
Photographs by Kalun Leung
A person stands starkly; their back to the wall;  their bare chest exposed. A sheepskin soaked in honey is draped over them as drops of honey fall to the floor with every passing moment. Pivoted to the ground they cautiously anticipate their next step.

Committed to their action, the person attempts to peel themself from the wall, the heavy weight of the sheepskin laying limp on their body. Unbuckling their belt, they attach it as a lifeline between the ground beneath them and the lifeless form upon them. Stretching this skin from their back, it falls to the ground, detached from them. They stand naked for the first time.

In an attempt to revive this bundle on the floor, the person heedfully re-latches the sheepskin to their ankle via a noose. Leading with their chin, they attempt to walk, however, the skin resists their efforts, instead standing its own ground. The unanticipated weight of the skin combined with the adhesive qualities of the honey, leave them stranded.

The concluding outcome is a duel - battling for attribution. With each step the person takes, the sheepskin repels their actions, forcing them to drag this persistent life form. At this moment, the two parties have been reduced to an arm’s reach from annihilation, however, it is only now that their greatest energies are born.

a wolf in sheep’s clothing (2015) was a 90-minute performance realised at  Performance Art Meeting, Galeria Labirynt, Poland.